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federation field of bells

The Federation Bells were
commissioned by the
Melbourne International
Festival of the Arts on behalf
of Arts Victoria. They were
conceived as a permanent
sculptural installation within
Birrarung Marr to celebrate the
centenary of Federation.

Designed in collaboration with
sculptor Anton Hassell,
acoustic designer Neil McLachlan and lighting
designer Nathan Thompson,
the installation investigates a
new way of seeing and
experiencing bells.

Twenty six small bells
supported on tall slender
columns form a unifying

background grid to the field as
a whole. Randomly placed
within this grid are 13 large
bells. These are the dominant
elements within the
composition, and their free
layout and varying heights
reflect their sculptural quality.

There is an intentional delicacy
to the installation which
provides a counterpoint to the

robust solidity of the city beyond.

swaney draper

trevor mein