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merton hall masterplan

Melbourne Girls Grammar’s,
Merton Hall campus was
constructed progressively
over the past one hundred and
twenty years in response to
the changing needs of the

The development of the new
masterplan for the school and

the realisation of a number of
key refurbishment projects has
allowed the school to more
clearly express its educational
ethos, its specific culture and
to capitalise on its unique
context within urban South

The establishment of clear
zoning and circulation routes
through the campus allows the

school to function efficiently
and provides the opportunity
for social interaction and
exchange, enhancing the
communal life of the school.

The finely detailed
contemporary insertions
develop a new architectural
language within the school,
allowing the historic buildings
to be read afresh.

sally draper architects

trevor mein



Melb Girls Grammar Merton Hall01
Melb Girls Grammar Merton Hall02
Melb Girls Grammar Merton Hall03
Melb Girls Grammar Merton Hall05
Melb Girls Grammar Merton Hall06
Melb Girls Grammar Merton Hall07