SDA Brandmark

melbourne girls' grammar
nina crone library

The Nina Crone Library is a
redevelopment of the school's
original 1970's library building
which was constructed under
a raised garden within the
school's central courtyard.
The existing building was very
enclosed and had little

connection to the surrounding

In redeveloping the building,
roof lanterns and a double
height glazed entry structure
were introduced. These
elements provide natural
daylight throughout the library
and create both visual and
physical connection to the rest
of the campus.

A variety of seminar rooms,
collections, reading room and
"the drum"; an informal
amphitheatre space;
accommodate a range of
learning opportunities formal
and informal, individual and
collaborative, e leaning and
traditional learning.

The palette of materials and
design detail creates a soft

encompassing environment,
which moves beyond the
institutional expressions of
traditional school buildings.

sally draper architects
with stephenson & turner

trevor mein