SDA Brandmark

melbourne girls' grammar

Wildfell forms the heart of
MGGS's middle school. Located
within the school's Merton Hall
campus in South Yarra, the
project explores the possibility
of creating a rich learning
environment for middle years
children on a dense inner urban

site. Constructed under the
school's playing fields, the
precinct opens towards the
north, allowing an integration
of indoor and outdoor learning

Internal areas are developed
as a flexible range of settings
for staff/student and
student/student interaction.

The technology rich
environments of the general
areas are enhanced by a
specialist "digilab" facility
which provides a more
focused, interactive

Circulation areas are seen as
important opportunities for
social interaction. An open
kitchen adjoining the central

double height gathering space
provides a sense of community
and identity to the precinct.

sally draper architects
with dp toscano

trevor mein