SDA Brandmark

williamstown library

The Williamstown Library abuts
the district's historic Town Hall
at the entrance to
Williamstown's commercial

A long neglected area of the
town, the new library provides
the opportunity to create a

vibrant cultural hub offering a
series of internal and external
community spaces.

The building is comprised of
two primary forms, an
elongated bluestone block and
a softly curved polycarbonate
shell. The forms express the
intrinsic dualities of the area,
the wall and the sea, the built

and the natural, the rectilinear
and the fluid. The ESD
measures incorporated within
the building make it a
benchmark for the development
of local libraries. These include
a thermal labyrinth, natural
ventilation, automated night
purge and water collection and reuse.

sally draper architects
with mitsuori