SDA Brandmark

the flinders street carpark

The Flinders Street carpark
marks the entry to Melbourne
CBD from the south east.

Previous proposals for the site
incorporated the City of
Melbourne's requirement that
carparks be faced with a strip
of offices to disguise their use.

Swaney Draper successfully
argued for an alternative
strategy that celebrated the
expression of a carpark as an
integral part of the city fabric.

This allowed a more efficient
building footprint and enabled
the retention of the adjoining
lane and historic Lindrum

The carpark is designed as an
elegantly proportioned series
of components: glazed podium,
stair tower and the screen
wall of the parking levels.

Finely detailed perforated
aluminium panels with exposed
structure and fixings provide a
transparency and texture to
the main elevation. This is

further enlivened by its use
as a fixing plane for display
banners promoting the
changing events within
the city.

swaney draper

peter hyatt